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This page is maintained my mattias fagerlund.


2004-11-07: Martin Waldegger explains how to compile the DLL into your program
2004-07-11: Two new demos added to the DelpiODE distro, Trimesh and Ragdoll.
2004-05-17: Russ Smith now accepts donation for ODE development. Read more here
2004-04-13: Dominique Louis sent me some Linux ".so" files for inclusion with DelphiODE
2004-03-31: Page updated to be more streamlined.
2004-03-30: Better crossplatform Module loading support - no new features
2004-03-11: Several new additions
2003-11-17: DelphiODE updated to handle new Cone and Terrain Geoms. 

Using DelphiODE

Here’s a document describing how to use DelphiODE.

About ODE and DelphiODE

ODE stands for Open Dynamics Engine, a dynamics engine developed by Russell Smith. See here for more information about ODE. DelphiODE is a number of Delphi units that allow you to use ODE in Delphi. ODE isn’t tied to any one renderer – you can use ODE with any graphics package. DelphiODE is similarly unattached, though the demos included in the DelphiODE download files are based on GLScene, simply because that’s what I (mattias) use.

DelphiODE was initially developed by Mattias Fagerlund ( ) and Christophe Hosten ( ), but many other people have since helped out to make DelphiODE what it is today. The current team consists of Mattias Fagerlund, Christophe Hosten, Dominique Louis and Stuart Gooding.

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